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About Me

As a young performer my quest was to find how best to realize my abilities, how to make the best music I was capable of. At this point of my life, I believe that the music should play you and all preparations lead to that goal of flowing down the river of rhythm. The growing process involves getting the impediments out of the way, to allow this process to take over.

The passion I have for sharing and teaching reflects my past experiences of working in master classes with Leo Brouwer, Oscar Ghiglia and Alirio Diaz, and my own research that delves into the differences between orality and literacy. This blog will continue after the 10 rules to include my “taxonomy of errors”, an attempt to lay out why we make mistakes and how to correct them…

  1. Hi, do you know if the Poulenc Sarabande is available for order in North America? I can only find it via Ricordi online, which is a pretty expensive option!

  2. Hello, you mention Jacqueline D’Ambois in a post and I’m trying to make contact as I’m writing a book about a mutual friend. Do you have any contact? Much appreciated any help you can render.

    Sam Coleman

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